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Saturday, July 23, 2005


This morning, not too long after Darcy turned in for the nite there was a knock on the front door. As usual, i would slowly walk towards the door and peep through the peep-hole just to make sure it wasn't a salesperson trying to sell me stuff. It was then the person on the other side of the door yelled "Postman!".

*inner mind scream*
It's here??!

I was waiting for this! *grin*
Originally uploaded by e79.

Inside the package was also a card that Dar had penned down some words in it. Those words made me cry and turn into a ball of complete mush. I felt so warm, so touched and so special.

Even after reading the card for the umpteenth time, i still cry just reading what Dar had written. Yeah, i'm a cry baby. :P

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blogging, Carl, & the Nation

Well, it was the day i was waiting for, Bloggers.SG 2005. Met up with suaty_huangy at Esplanade's main lobby and on my way there i saw a familiar figure - Mr Brown. Was walking behind him along CitiLink and thought he looked familiar. I sms'ed suaty about it and she got all excited about seeing Brown in person.

When we got to DXO where Bloggers.SG was to be held, there were only two girls there waiting in front of the booth that were selling the Bloggers.SG tees. We both stood there for a moment looking at the booth and wondering if they were on sale yet and was told by the girl behind the booth that they weren't ready to start selling the tees. It was when we realised that we were among the first to be there. Wow, this is new. It was already 1.30pm and i had expected to see a long queue by now considering the buzz that was going on about limited pieces of the tees that were up for grabs.

Anyways, we got a tee for each of us (i ended up buying two more - one for my friend Kenneth & the other for Dar before i left) and while we were waiting around to get into DXO we were shuffled around a few times.

Wow, must have caught the girl on the left in a bad mood

One, everyone queued at the wrong entrance and were moved to the main entrance.

Two, we were "too close" to the main entrance and were ordered to move back by the DXO Marshals. I mean these guys were just barking at us to move back. Could have just told us nicely first before they started barking at us. *grumbles*

Look at those arms

Queue @ about 1.40pm

So as we waited outside in the heat and humidity and me frantically trying to wipe my sweaty face in case some cute blogger decided to chat me up. *grin* *heehee* Serene from ST came over to speak to suaty and i for a bit about the usual - what time did we get here, why we were here, our blogging experiences and habits, yada yada yada.

Serene from ST

Finally, around 2pm they decided to open the doors and as we all walked in everyone was ohh-ing and ahh-ing as to how nice the layout was. :) When i sat down, i mentioned to suaty that it felt like a mini MTV movie award ceremony then anything else.

See what i mean? Big screen tv too

Brown and Miyagi preparing for their turn. Although Miyagi was fasionably late

Overall, i would say it wasn't exciting as i had hoped it to be. Going to attribute it to the fact that the majority of the audience were youngsters in their late teens (this was observed while i was waiting in line to get in and the next 30-40 behind me were youngsters). That and probably everyone was just there to get a feel of what it would be like to be at a bloggers convention and what it would represent for future such conventions and blogging scene.

The IRC chat proved to be a better hit than the panelist who were there. It was a distraction when the seminars were going on, but even the panelist themselves were looking back at the screens every now and then. The conversations on the chat got the audience laughing numerous times throughout the seminars, with no short of NKF jokes and the search for a certain Cowboy.

The venue is sponsored by MSN and this is what was what the panelists used -

What an irony eh?

suaty_huangy's blogger chase

Random shots of me

I did enjoy the last section the most that was the covering the topic of "Blogging-related technologies". So many new stuff to see and try out. :) Also have to mention that Lexmark was there with the really cool printers that allowed us to print photos from our digicam F.O.C!!!! I thought that was the best thing that could have happened during the convention but i didn't want to be greedy so only printed out two photos. :P *heehee*

"Lets try and figure this one out"

This guy's expression is priceless and stayed like this for most of the seminar

And no outing or event is complete without having kid shots from me right? :)

Mr Brown's lil boy. A cutie!

Think this is jseng's lil girl. So cute!

But i had to leave early cos my stomach was growling. In all the excitement of seeing ex-secondary school band juniors, my poly lecturer, helping suaty take photos and listening to a voice mail Dar left on my phone all i had was a drink and that was it. :P

So met up with Kenneth at Marina Square, where we both enjoyed a delicious and sumptious meal at Carls Jnr. Yep, the same burger joint with that tantalising and mouth-watering tv commercial decorated with Paris Hilton (blog entry cortesy of my friend adrock2xander).

I had a Guacomole Bacon Burger ... mmmm YUM!

Oh man, after the meal i was so stuffed!!! *grin* The meal came with fries and drink but i think next time i am going for the chillie fries cos they are yummy! *grin* I pinch some from Kenneth's meal. :P heehee.

Chillie Fries...mmmm YUMMIE!

And i couldn't resist taking a photo of this cheekie ad. :P

Friday, July 15, 2005


Went to Father Flanagan's for the first time on Friday nite. One of my colleagues is leaving us for greener pasture and so we all met up there to have a good time before he left.

Apologies to those who were there between 8pm and 11-ish that nite, you would have noticed us by the crowd of about 20 rowdy men and women at the table just next to the exit to the toilets. :P *grin*

Finally found a place that served Strongbow Cider! *grin* Been craving for it since i got back from Melbourne where i first had a taste of this drink. The nice lady who was attending to us was kind enough to let me try a sample of the drink when i asked if they were carrying the sweet flavour. I remembered that there were three different flavours for the cider. So yeah, it was goooood! Had me a few pints too. :P Not to mention that i managed to convince Gwen and Rachel (the girl that Gwen took over the position from) to go for a pint of it as well. :P Of course after they has a sip of mine. :P *heehee*

I swear this is the first time i have gone for a farewell dinner party eating only finger foods. :P *heehee* I had so much fries, calamari rings and sausages that i think i have reached my limit for carbos for the next few days. :P *heehee* But it was all good. I had plenty of fun and i went home with a nice lil buzz!

However, taxis are a bitch to get around 11pm at Raffles Hotel (taxi area along North Bridge Road) and ended up getting a lift from one of the guys who walked by the area to get to his car and saw me still waiting for a cab 30mins later. :P *heehee*

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Best International Airline"... Yeah .... Ok ....

All i wanted was to get tickets at decent prices to fly off to spend my first white christmas with Dar. So i saw a deal offered on the "best international airline['s]" (as mentioned on CNA, 12th July 2005 @ est. 12.15pm) website and pounce on the deal. Dar was really sweet enough to offer to use his mom's card to pay for the ticket so that she could get airmiles.

So everything was done and i was elated and feeling like i was the luckiest girl on earth.

Till yesterday morning. This airline insisted that they require the credit card that was charged to pay for the ticket to be presented upon check-in. Ok, one regulation i can understand but figured if the airline i flew on to Melbourne who are more strict with their regulations can allow passengers to board with the e-ticket and passport without the credit card. Why can't this airline do the same? Afterall, i did suggest and offered to have Dar or his mom sign on the form to allow the card to be charge for this transaction.

But nooooooo the airline staff insisted that i get the card holder to go down to the airline's office in Vancouver to sign the form in front of one of the airline staff. Which i promptly told the reservations lady attending to me that if she thinks that i am going to get either Dar or his mom to fly down to Vancouver from wherever they are just so i can avoid a 75 admin charge is ridiculous. RiDICULOUS i tell you.

All this time i have kept my cool, was trying to reason with them that i understand they require the credit card upon check-in to prevent fraud. Despite me having suggested all the ways i could prove to show that this wasn't a fraud and that i have permission to charge the ticket to this credit card. The only workable solution the airline was offering me - cancel the booking and incur the 75 admin charge.

I've suggested having them fax the form over to Dar or his mom right now while i call them on the phone so that they can sign on it and fax it back. No.

I have suggested calling either Dar or his mom in front of the customer service officer at this airline's service centre to prove that i am not lying. No.

All they could offer was that the person whose name is on the credit card must head down to the office in Vancouver to sign in front of an airline staff. Which was a no go.

Or. Cancel the ticket and incur the 75 admin charge.

At this point in time i could safely say i would have reach both arms into the phone and wring all three of the airline's reservation staff if i could while screaming my head off.

Is it just me or does this airline just wants to earn an EXTRA 75 bucks from me????

Like i said in the beginning all i wanted was to go on a holiday. But i end up having a massive headache and unduly stress caused by an airline whose staff are very very inflexible.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The 80s & Goofie Me

Well, it's been two weekends since i got back from Melbbie and, frankly speaking, i have no idea why i am so darn lazy to blog about my trip there. Not that i didn't enjoy the trip. Hey, my parents paid for most of my accomodation and for my return air-ticket. Who wouldn't jump at the chance of travelling when it's almost fully paid for. :) But all i have done has been to share the photos with my man, the girls and some of my colleagues at work.

This morning i got up and decided i should relive the 80s and i have done nothing but blast music from the 80s (Baltimora's Tarzon Boy, Roxette's She's Got The Looks, Footloose OST's Lets Hear It For The Boy, etc. etc.) and then dance around the room in my PJs singing along to the songs in my off-key sreechie voice! It's liberating to imagine yourself to be a chick with hot bod and drop dead gorgeous looks. :P All in the comfort of your own room with no one to laugh at you. Well, other than the ones who know me and reading blog entry. *grin* Am in one of those goofie moods of mine in which i can just be plain sillie and make a fool of myself and still can laugh at myself about it. :P

It's probably going to be a relaxing weekend other than meeting Shwying to pass her the pressie my friend Lyd and i got her from Melbbie. :P

Can't wait for next week's bloggers convention, just too bad some of my friends who blog regularly can't make it. Still am sure i will enjoy myself, i'll try to act my age for once.


Nah, i'll just be myself. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Break in normal transmission

July 7th UPDATE: Well the convention is next weekend. :) Anyone here wants to meet up at Woodlands MRT station at 9.30am then head to the Woodlands Regional Library? :)

suaty_huangy : You still up for it?

LATEST NEWS - Looks likes there has been a change in venue and time.


Venue : DXO

Date : 16th July 2005, Saturday

Time : 2pm - 10pm

Updated Agenda

Session I. Bloggers and their communities 2.00pm-3.30pm
- Moderator: Editors
- Panelists: none (Open Mike)

Is the Singapore blogosphere just about Xiaxue and her loyal blogders? Or mr brown and mr miyagi? Of course not! So this Open Mike session is dedicated to you, for you to introduce yourself and your community within our colourful blogosphere to the rest of us!

Break 3.30pm-4.00pm

Drinks & Refreshments sponsored by SHINE

Session II. Blogging and the law 4.00pm-5.00pm
- Moderator: ssf
Panelist: Tan Min-Liang, Daniel Koh

Ever wondered whether you'll get sued for your post? Or whether your boss can sack you for blogging? Or have questions about copyright? Find out how to blog safely and within the law.

Session III. Blogging-related technologies 5.00pm-6.00pm
- Moderator: jseng
- Panelist: mrbrown, preetam, adri

RSS, trackback, technorati, and other acronyms or multi-syllabic words that nerds spout - what are they anyway? Learn how these technologies can help you enhance your blogging experience.

Party Time 6.00pm-10.00pm
- Restricted to those aged 18 and above
- Dresscode: smart casual (no shorts no slippers)


June 14th UPDATE : It's about a month to the first ever Singapore Blogger's Convention... Hmm where's the buzz in xanga about it??? Am really looking forward to it. :P *hehe*

I've seen one of the popular bloggers before, you know like walking pass a mall in Orchard Road and seeing her there. Mrbrown has actually given a talk about blogging in one of my lectures before.

With the upcomming bloggers convention, i am looking forward to seeing more of the bloggers who blogs i read as part of my daily routine to pass time at the office! *grin* Damn i sound like a star-struck schoolgirl who is eager to meet her idols. *lol*

June 1st UPDATE :

Looks like i am able to make it! Yes! *heehee* So who is going??? Wanna make it a mini xangarians meet-up as well????

So how many of you will be turning up for Bloggers.SG ?

Venue : Woodlands Regional Library

Date : 16th July 2005, Saturday

Time : (tentatively) 10am - 6pm

I just checked my schedule, i might be in Thailand at that time. Darn. No not on a social holiday trip but for business training. Eaks! Yucks!

Just wanna see how many of you will be going? Would be nice to see familiar faces again. suaty_huangy, you wanna go?